Aisle runners…do you really need them?

Personally, I am not a big fan of aisle runners; they are not really necessary. Often times I see the inexpensive ones that get rolled out and then ripped two minutes later (which then looks bad in your pictures, and is a huge tripping hazard.) It is generally the usher’s responsibility to roll it out before the wedding party starts the processional, but most ushers have no clue what to do with it, and the runner ends up all over the place. I’ve also had parents freak out because I stepped on it, even though it is where I need to stand in the aisle to take pictures (not to mention I have tons of experience with treating the runner appropriately.) Check out the origin of aisle runners for yourself in this article from The Knot. If you are going to use a runner, I suggest using a cloth runner installed by your florist or a third party that specializes in aisle runners. I found Artistic Floral Design while I was researching my wedding, and loved all the different color options and monograms available (although I opted not to use an aisle runner.) Another great way to define the aisle is with candles, flower petals or other floral arrangements.

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